Taxi from Tel Aviv to Ben Gurion Airport 100 NIS 0528927739




At night the price is NIS 120 from Tel Aviv. Pickup from the airport 130 elaborate modern and very spacious. Taxi Ben Gurion Airport Parking precedence over economicBen Gurion and in terms of comfort. NIS in Ben Gurion Airport can be reached only much less high prices for parking at the airport Ben Gurion Airport Ben Gorion.bhniih parks at night should take into account the tiring trip private car when not yet completely awakened from the night and get up in the middle of the night for those not used to driving it may be even dangerous in any event it is best to also comfort and safety not drive when you are not vigilant enough in the night, about traveling on the trip possible private car and even cost-effective if you are traveling for a short 3 or 4 days per parking Ben Gurion pay off, over four days have been parking will happen to the price The taxi back and forth because of the high parking prices are 100 per day in the parking lot adjacent to terminal 3, or 45 per day in parking lots waiting too distant needing a ride to terminal 3 Ben Gurion Airport taxis also save a lot of headaches and nervous long wait for the train in Israel or internal transport parks Ben Gurion Airport. A train ride at night there are of course taking into account the price by taxi to the train station so that the four people or three people in the total price will be almost like a private taxi price .Monophonic Ben Gurion Airport will ensure you peace of mind back and forth from Ben Gurion airport. The taxi ride also gives you peace mind before the long flight without having exhausting driving before the flight, Ben Gurion Airport taxis also allow you to discuss recent calls on the cell phone before the flight without distraction if you choose to self-driving Ben Gurion airport parking, taxis Ben Gurion Airport also save you much time driving in traffic jams in Tel Aviv and outside the public transport routes savers long traffic jams. Passengers traveling abroad much like to bother the family in the middle of the night to get all upset them or return them to the airport, there is no need to comment more, for a hundred shekels better to book a taxi business and family wake in the night. The price is per day, at night the rate is 130 NIS Tel Aviv. NIS 130 back from the airport. Ramat Gan and Bnei Brak night price is 130 NIS. Ramat Aviv and its surroundings, the price is nis 140. Spring collection from the airport to the level of nis 140. The pick up is on the 2nd floor entrance 23 only. Prices are up to 2 people. Dew. 0528927739


3 people the price is nis 140 in the center of Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan and the surrounding area at night. Ramat Hasharon price of NIS 170 night, NIS 190 Herzliya Ra'anana and  200 NIS. from Jerusalem or Netanya 333 at night. . night. NIS 300 Ashdod. Ashkelon NIS 400. NIS 670 Haifa. Kesariya NIS 430, NIS 390 room All prices are including suitcases night. When you want to call a taxi on the way back has to send an SMS or a Bootsaf and specify the name passenger, a telephone line is available in the airport, flight number and where the flight and send Tal. 0528927739 and you will get a confirmation.


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